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Gabe / on Thu, May 20 2021 at 12:01 am

Racing in VR!

Tonight is race night and the Penny Arcade iRacing league is heading to Daytona. We’re going to try some new stuff with the stream tonight and I’m about 75% sure it will all work. First of all we’re starting the stream earlier than usual. The Pit Crew will open up at 7:10 PT tonight and anyone in the Twitch channel will be able to play Stream Racer until the "real" racing starts at 7:30. You don’t need to download anything just show up and type “!boost” in chat to give your car the goose juice! 

Once the race starts we have more surprises in store. I’ll be attempting tonight’s race in VR! I’ve upgraded my hardware and that combined with Dramamine has helped me play for much longer periods of time without getting queasy. I’m not doing the VR rollercoaster shit but I can play Demeo for three hours with no problem. I’ve done some tests with iRacing and I have not vomited. My guess is that because I am seated in my rig with a wheel, it just feels like the real world matches up better with what I’m seeing in the headset. Tonight will be the real test though in an actual race with lots of other cars on the track. Either I’ll be fine and the night will show off the power of VR or I’ll get really sick and that should be fun to watch too. 

I also don’t know how alcohol will affect me in VR. Hmmm, perhaps I should have done more testing.

After the race I will attempt to do C.S.iracing and the livery parade but I will still be in VR and I don’t know exactly how I’m going to manage that yet. 

Fuck it we’re doing it live!

The Pit Crew opens at 7:10PT with our Stream Racer pre-show! 

-Gabe out

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